Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Find out Explain Plan of Session

How to get explain plan of Session?

set lines 120
lpad(' ', 2*(depth))||operation||' '||options
||' '||decode(object_owner,null,null,
||' '||decode(cost,null,null,'Cost = '||cost)
||' '||decode(partition_start,null,null,
||' '||decode(bytes,null,null,'Bytes= '||bytes)
-- ||' '||decode(access_predicates,null,null,'Access= '||access_predicates)
-- ||' '||decode(filter_predicates,null,null,'Filter= '||filter_predicates)
--, other,other_tag, temp_space
"Execution Plan"
from v$sql_plan
where (address, hash_value) =
(select sql_address, sql_hash_value
from v$session
where sid = &sid)
order by id
undefine 1

Note: Pass SID when it prompts

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