Wednesday, January 14, 2009

parallelism in Oracle?

Complete about Oracle Parallelism?


Following initialization parameters are required for parallelism setup in database.


Parallel Queries and Parallel jobs execution

1. Select query with parallelism example:

Select /*+ parallel (a,32) */ * from dba_segments a;

32 is degreee here(Numbers of parallel processes)

Gather statistics of a table using parallelism Example

exec FND_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS (ownname => '&owner', tabname => '&table_name', percent => 20 ,degree => 30 , granularity => 'ALL', cascade => TRUE);

Comple objects in the database with parallelism Example

exec sys.utl_recomp.recomp_parallel(32);

Table used to know number of parallel processes running are

v$px_session - Standard
gv$px_session - For RAC

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