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Where are the log files located in R12?

Where are the log files located in R12?

For DBA’s who mostly worked on 11i environments, finding the log files (Concurrent manager log, apache log etc.,) on a R12 environment might pose a threat initially, because these log files no longer reside in their old location ie., $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG or $APACHE_TOP/Apache/logs.
In R12, the log files are located in $LOG_HOME (which translates to $INST_TOP/logs)
Concurrent Reqeust related logs
$LOG_HOME/appl/conc -> location for concurrent requests log and out files
$LOG_HOME/appl/admin -> location for mid tier startup scripts log files
Apache Logs (10.1.3 Oracle Home which is equivalent to iAS Oracle Home)
$LOG_HOME/ora/10.1.3/Apache -> Location for Apache Error and Access log files
$LOG_HOME/ora/10.1.3/j2ee -> location for j2ee related log files
$LOG_HOME/ora/10.1.3/opmn -> location for opmn related log files
Forms & Reports related logs (10.1.2 Oracle home which is equivalent to 806 Oracle Home)
Related metalink notes to enable additional debugging
419839.1 – How to enable Apache, OC4J and OPMN logging in Oracle Applications R12
422419.1 – R12 – How To Enable and Collect Debug for HTTP, OC4J and OPMN

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