Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Form/Reprot Compilation/Generation

1. How do you compile a form command line?

appltop/apps/ora/8.0.6/bin/f60gen module=/appltop/apps/au/11.5.0/forms/US/FNDRSRUN.fmb userid=APPS/apps output_file=/appltop/apps/fnd/11.5.0/forms/US/FNDRSRUN.fmx module_type=form batch=yes compile_all=special

2. how do you generate a report command line?

/appltop/apps/ora/8.0.6/bin/rwcon60 userid=APPS/apps source=/tappltop/apps/pa/11.5.0/reports/US/PAXPCEGS.rdf dest=/tappltop/apps/admin/INTGBL/out/tmp001.rdf stype=rdffile dtype=rdffile logfile=/tappltop/apps/admin/INTGBL/out/adrep001.txt overwrite=yes batch=yes compile_all=yes

3. How do you load data to db using FNDLOAD?

/appltop/apps/fnd/11.5.0/bin/FNDLOAD &ui_apps 0 Y UPLOAD @FND:patch/115/import/afsload.lct @PJI:patch/115/import/US/pji115fn.ldt

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