Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oracle DBA - Database Upgradation from

How do you know whether you Current Oracle Database is 64-Bit or 34-Bit?

solution: cd $ORACLE_HOME\binfile oracle or file ora*

How do you know your HP Unix Version?

Solution: uname -a

Procedure to upgrade database
1. Download upgrade patch for your OS and DB compatible. For Example if your current database is 64-bit and your OS is HP unix.Then download from Metalink download

2. unzip the patch file. Disk1 directory will get extracted.

3. set display of your unix environment to enable GUI.

4. Open X-Manager or Reflection X, and note down port number and frame number

5. export DISPALY=

6. Test GUI by typing xclock.

7. Shut down database and listener.

8. Goto Disk1 directory you will find, runinstaller executable.

9. Invoke OUI(Oracle Universal Installer), by executing ./runInstaller

10. Choose Oracle Home/Name and click next

11. In the middle of the installation, it will ask you to execute by root user. Do the same

12. After installation completes, close the OUI

13. start the database in migration mode i.e startup migrate

14. Execute catpatch.sql located in ORACLE_HOME/rdmbs/admin. i.e in sql prompt: sql> ?/rdbms/admin/catpatch.sql

15. It will take some time, after that execute utlrp.sql to compile invalid objects i .e sql>?/rdbms/admin/utlrp.sql

16. Shutdown the database and startup in normal mode. i.e shut immediate and startup

17. Start the listener and release the instance

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