Thursday, September 04, 2008

How to apply India Localization Patches

How to apply India Localization Patches

1. How to apply india Localizatin Patches?

1. We have to install India localization Patch Application Tool by downloading patch 6491231

2. Copy the downloaded patch to $JA_TOP and unzip the same there

3. A directory inpatch will be created afer unzipping. In which india localization patch tool avaialable

4. Go to india localization patch directory

5. use following command

perl $JA_TOP/inpatch/ drvr_file=6355941.drv fnd_patchset=H appspwd=apps japwd=ja logfile=6355941.log systempwd=manager

fnd_patchset= FND PATCHSET LEVEL

japwd = ja_top password

drv_file=patchnumber.drv file

2. How do you know what are india localization patches applied?

Solution : using JAI_APPLIED_PATCHES

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